Saturday 1 June 2013

Just Keep Swimming

New games we currently enjoy?

Dropping things from a high chair. Things drop! Wow! Now look at mummy crawling around underneath picking things up? This is brilliant!

Raspberries. Blowing raspberries is perfection itself.

Pee-boh! Peekaboo! 

All those bottles on the side of the bath? They don't belong there. Let me crash them all into the bath then squeal with delight as I look at my destruction!

Rolling on and off of Daddy. Daddy makes a good climbing frame. 

1 comment:

Renee Anne said...

This Mama and her Daddyhusband *still* make good jungle gyms. He's two and a half now, too. ::sigh:: Oh, and the dropping of things for of the reasons we got a puppy :)