Wednesday 12 December 2012

A Much Overdue George Update

Well with everything that's been going on in the playful house, there's not been much love for poor George lately. I've not seen him in months in fact but rest assured I've been receiving regular updates from my parents and the chorus of 'oh no George!' has still been called.

Perhaps I should explain.

As George settled into his new home after months of unhappiness we began to see more of the excitable puppy like behaviour you would expect from a boy of his age: jumping up, barking, playing, and endless curiosity at the world. It was charming to see this young man living fully once again.

However, with this new found excitement came bravery.... And with bravery came a catalogue of stories that have kept everyone amused. First there was the incident with the bakery, the smell of fresh bread and 9 missing bread rolls. Then there was the cat being chased around its own house once the pair had flown through the open front door. The list went on.

The giant and I were browsing children's books, not long after we found out that I was expecting and I found this:

This book not only contained beautiful pictures that looked uncannily like George but also a narrative that was just like George too. This George tries to be good but just can't help eating the cake or ruining the picnic and each time there's a cry of 'oh no George!'

So whenever I get a call from mum to tell me what adventures he's been up to lately, there's usually a cry of 'oh no George!' Amongst barely stifled laughter.

The last oh no was uttered yesterday: 6 missing cakes from a fresh batch cooling on the side.....

..... All together now....

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drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Oh, George sounds like wonderfully playful pup! It is so good that he has found the place where he will belong forever.