Saturday 17 November 2012

These Are The Days

Life is falling into some kind of hazy lull here in the playful house. The giant is on paternity leave and we're learning our little girl's habits and just how much sleep we can cope without. Friends and family arrive with food and respite and we introduce them proudly to the playful babe. It's all rather nice. 

I've managed to knit the grand total of a row and a half which believe me, felt amazing. I've looked at magazines and have now got a bit better about actually opening them and diving in. First up was Mollie Makes, a little saccharine for my tastes but full of thoughts of learning to sew (one day) and projects I will accomplish for gifts..... NEXT year. 

It's the knitting magazines (naturally) that I've really indulged in. I rarely read magazines from cover to cover, preferring to pour over certain articles or patterns and returning to reread them again in the months to come. What I've discovered I have a talent for is reading cover to cover (including adverts!) and returning to pour over pattern details later. This, therefore, prolongs the life of the magazine which is considerably easier to hold with and nurse than a paperback book. Thank God for the Kindle!

Knitscene Winter 2012 excelled itself and my highlights were the short row shaped shawls in triumphant colours from the very talented Kyoko Nakayoshi. Isn't it stunning? I can't wait to think up my own colour combinations and laze my way through comfort knitting and wraps and turns. I love a wrap and turn. 

(c) Interweave Press

I also really appreciated the Farmstead Cardigan by Amy Gunderson as I realise I am woefully lacking on the warm winter cardigan front. I adore the panels on this and it's simple but stylish shape. As always, the simple pullover with lace detail stole my heart and this issues Gate Pullover delivered just the kind of pullover I want to fill my wardrobe with. There's an interesting construction to this too which has me intrigued: it's worked side to side. 

(c) Knitscene
Then I noticed the new Twist Collective has gone live and need to find time to drool further on a bigger screen than my iphone. In the meantime though, my dreams are haunted by the decadence of Rachel Coopey's 'Chamomile'. 

(c) Jane Heller
What have you been fantasy knitting?


Anonymous said...

The Farmstead Cardigan is really pretty.
Good to know that your little family is setting in nicely. These are precious days for you.

Caro said...

Congratulations to you and the small Playful one, and of course your DH! I have just watched our latest arrival take her first year's leap into the lives on my Daughter and Son-in-law's lives! SHe is amazing!
THe knitting you have lined up to work on, looks great! I want to make some hats and cowls with chunky yarn I have in my stash, now I just have to find the needles! Keep enjoying that small person! Hope you manage to get plenty of rest (grab it when you can!)