Sunday 19 August 2012

Experiments in Sugar

I was pootling round the supermarket the other day which is a very rare activity for me and because of this I got distracted. I tend to shop local, buy local and use markets and farms etc wherever possible so a trip to the supermarket usual ends in me returning with something weird and completely non essential. 

I found a non essential that looked fun. 

As a child I loved Angel Delight. It's kind of like mousse for those of you who have never had it and comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Butterscotch flavours. There are others but those are the ones that stick in my mind. I haven't had any in years so the packaging caught my eye as I pootled along humming to myself in that way that packaging is designed to do when I'm not willfully ignoring it. 

This time, there was something different: ice cream versions? I remember making Freezy Pops from Angel Delight as a child which were something like Mini Milks. If you've never had a Mini Milk I am sad for you and offer you this virtual hug (((((hug)))))

So I brought it home with plans to add almonds and bananas for a grown up version. I had neither so I added more sugary goodness. So to recap, that's powdered dessert into milk, whipped, with biscuits and Nutella. 

Results? Well I went nuts on sugar then had the most horrific of sugar crashes. I was so excitable I clean forgot to take a picture of how the Angel Delight looked after 4 hours of freezing. 

Verdict? If you like your kids or adults twitchy and on the ceiling, give in to this guilty pleasure. If not, probably best to leave it in the realm of nostalgia and possibly get the low sugar version if you want to just see what I'm talking about.

In the interests of full disclosure I may have still been slightly buzzing when I wrote this post.


Elly said...

Mmm, Angel Delight *wants*.

We were strictly a chocolate or strawberry household. Couldn't wait for it set. I remember adorning it with 100s & 1000s, and pinching glace cherries for it as well :D

Anonymous said...

The s'mores goldfish biscuits have absolutely freaked me out! We don't get goldfish down here in NZ and I miss them - the cheddar and parmesan ones were a favourite at my Granma's house...