Thursday 16 February 2012

Experiments with popcorn

I am addicted

I love making microwave popcorn. The smell, the buttery taste (no sugar here) and the combinations that I can make with my own concoctions and recipes. 

I also have a deep and undying love for Wasabi Peas but have run out. Yes, I know, it's tragic. A house without Wasabi Peas is a sad house indeed. I was a very sad panda

Until I realised- I have a tube of Wasabi! I put it in mash potato when I make asian salmon and have been wondering how else to bring more Wasabi into my life. It was as I prepped for more popcorn I thought 'This needs to happen'. 

Here's what I did:

I heated 1/2 tbsp- 1 whole tbsp butter in a microwave safe bowl until it melted, then added 1 tsp plain oil (I used Groundnut) and 1 tblsp Wasabi. 

I then mixed in 1/3 popcorn kernels and made sure they were all coated in the mixture. 

Next, I wrapped the top with baking parchment and secured it with a rubber band, being terribly careful not to ping it in my face. I then stabbed some vent holes in to the parchment with a sharp knife (yes I did a psycho sound track as I did so because I'm a nerd this way)

I put it on high heat for about 4 mins and listened. You want the popping to go bananas and then slow so there's a good 1-2 seconds between pops. This is when you grab it out and devour ravenously.

Verdict: The paste has a slight tendency to burn, hence why I added the splash of oil. I'm now on a mission to track down Wasabi powder which you can buy to add water to and mix your own paste.

Failing this I'm going to try heating a Wasabi mixture and pouring it straight on to the popped corn, like I do with my salted caramel sometimes. What's that? Oh yes, you read that right. Salted caramel.

Expect more popcorn related posts......

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Ce said...

You almost made me want to buy a microwave. Almost. But I will do it in a saucepan and hope for the best. Your fellow wasabi pea lover xx