Tuesday 12 April 2011

Sleep (or lack of)

Hello all

I've been resting my poorly RSI arms and seen great progress. In the meantime I've been snapping away, planning posts, podcasts and more fun besides. Today I meant to publish one post and draft the following: a feature with a discount code, a You Capture post, prep the giveaway announcement post and the shownotes for the podcast. All fun ready to publish in a flurry of recovering RSI glory. 

I did not sleep however. I now have not slept properly for an entire week. I am so tired I just poured brown rice on my yoghurt instead of muesli. I have tried tea, coffee and DOING THINGS. Nothing is working. 

I am falling asleep fine. I then wake somewhere around 2-4 am and stay awake for hours, pondering things in my head. About 2 nights ago, the early stages of night terrors started. Does anyone else get that? Completely random and terrifying half dreams that come for NO reason. Really. I'm practically on holidays at the moment, the sun is shining and man beast and I have had so much fun. I should not be struggling. 

But I am. So forgive the continued 'mehness' on the blog. Love will flow as will pics. Right now the camera lead is upstairs and my legs are not carrying me there. 



Chrissy said...

Probably the reason your struggling is because you have the space and time to have any problems come to the fore. The brain knows that you have the capacity to deal with any meh-ness or bad stuff at the moment so it is shouting at you for attention. Its like a cold striking just as you go on holiday so you relax and BAM you get ill.

chemicalika said...

Insomnia is horrible, I'm so sorry you're struggling with it. I have not real advice, because although I've had insomnia lots, and all different forms of it, it's normally something that has to work itself out, not something you can cure.

Hope you start sleeping soon.

Alexandra said...

I hope you feel (and sleep!) better soon!

Leah said...

Oh dear. I hope everything works itself out soon :)

Karen said...

I hope you get a good nights sleep soon!!

Unknown said...

I get night terrors all the time. I've never really out grown them. Have you spoke to your doctor about this?