Tuesday 21 December 2010

Oh Vienna!

Yesterday's post had some of my favourite pics from my recent trip to Vienna. I just loved the thick white snow. I was out in Vienna for the beau's work thing. He invited me to come play at the weekend when all the work had finished and threw in the extra bonus that we'd pretty much wander round the Christmas Markets, drink Gluwhein and eat. I didn't need asking twice.

Can you believe the beau had
never made a snow angel? No really. He announced this when I was scampering around and finding the biggest snow drifts to jump in (I just got new snow boots, this activity is now a lot more fun). He actually looked scared of the idea and lodged some serious reasons not to: I'm in a suit, it's cold, I'll get wet, I don't know how. These lasted him until that evening when I announced the fact to his work colleagues who all gasped in horror. His ass was going down....

There was something brilliantly fun about encouraging the beau, who is a giant of a man, to throw himself down and wave his arms and legs. I got down there too, ofcourse, but was wearing a knitted dress so I definitely came off worse. His work colleague coached him through it, shouting tips because being Canadian, he was a snow angel pro and I was too busy making my own if I'm honest. The beau stands up, looks back and grins widely.
Apparently snow angels are fun, who'd have thought it?

Good job beau. Good job.

Mine's on the left, the massive cavity on the right is proof that he did make a snow angel.

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