Tuesday 26 October 2010

Knit??? KNIT???? Oh yes, I did!

Atlast the knitting funk is over. I feel I should skip and dance for sheer joy- I have finished projects, new yarn and cast ons! Yes. Yes. I. Do.

In the finished pile we have a gift knit.... that I can't reveal but I did finish something super quick I swear! To make it I used
Artesano Aran. This yarn has some pretty colours and once you get working with it, is decidedly less itchy than it first appears. I just have this aversion to alpaca when I first touch it. I get all itchy and sneezy. So this isn't horrendous but I probably won't choose it again.

I finished the Kimono Socks. If anyone knows the trick for photographing socks, please let me know. I always have a temper tantrum each time.

Anyway, these are in Brown Sheep's Sport weight sock yarn which I really enjoyed working with. I was a little worried about the wool, as I can be quite allergic but these are yummy. So much so I may actually bag them for Christmas gifts if I can part with them....

The Haruni just needs casting off and I'm awaiting a scrap from a lovely Raveller who took pity on me when I whimpered that I may not have enough for the cast off. I'm so excited about this shawl, I can't wait to get it finished.

And in other news, I got this.

You may drool now.


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